Ocotillo Plants at Cactus Joe's Blue Diamond Nursery Las Vegas
CARE OF OCOTILLO [ Fouquieria splendens]

Transplanting your Ocotillo:

Ocotillo plants need extra attention the first two summers after transplanting. Prior to transplanting your Ocotillo, Cactus Joe’s Blue Diamond Nursery recommends that the root ball be soaked overnight (or at the very least, a minimum of several hours) in a bucket filled with a mixture of liquid vitamin B-1, Super Thrive (mix Super Thrive according to directions on package) and or Dip N Grow.

Watering your Ocotillo in the Las Vegas, Nevada region:

After transplanting your Ocotillo, it is important to water the plant from top to bottom (spray the  green leaves and branches with the water hose.) It is not necessary to get the soil around the root area wet for the first six to twelve months. Try to water as often as possible in the early summer and every day during the first summer. Drip irrigation to the root area is not effective and could be harmful during the first year. It takes some time for the root system to grow back after transplantation. Drip irrigation could be used after the Ocotillo is established (possibly as early as the second year.) Additionally, we recommend that you keep the Ocotillo branches tied together until it has a chance to re-root. Keeping the branches tied helps prevent the Ocotillo from blowing over in high wind conditions. Do not water the Ocotillo tree during the winter. Ocotillo are dormant during the cold months.

How can you tell if your Ocotillo is healthy and viable?

Check for “greenish” veins running vertically along the branches. Alternately, you can start at the very tip of one of the branches and cut the very tip off with clippers. If healthy, you will see a concentric “green” ring on the interior of the branch. Keep in mind that Ocotillo sometimes leaf out in cycles. It is not uncommon for the Ocotillo plant to have green leaves, lose the leaves and then “leaf out” again.

Have questions about watering your Ocotillo? 

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