Best Sellers

Our Best Selling Desert Plants …Xeriscape Friendly and Low Maintenance Plants.

This page features some of our most popular landscaping cactus, agave and yucca.

In the photo, top left: Red Barrel Cactus[Ferocactus acanthodes]

The Red Barrel Cactus or Fire Barrel Cactus is a Mojave Desert native plant. It requires very little water and good drainage.
This plant is slow growing. Mature plants can reach up to 8 feet in height by 14 inches wide, but it takes a long time to reach that size. Full sun. Hardy to 20 degrees F. Sold by diameter measurements. 

In the photo, center : Joshua Tree [Yucca brevifolia]

Very slow growing. Mature trees reaching beyond 20 feet in height with a 12-20 foot spread. Mojave Desert native plant.
Full sun. Hardy to 0 degrees F.  Mature trees sold by the foot.  

In the photo, top right: Agave parryi truncata [Agave parryi truncata]

Beautiful rosette shape. Slow growing. Mature plant reaches 2 feet in height by 2-3 feet wide. Full sun or part shade. Hardy to 15 degrees F

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